News from the Friends of Amasango

Shipping clothes and other goods to Amasango

The problem

In January 2013 the subject of how to get bulk second-hand clothes to Amasango in South Africa was raised by the Amasango trustees. The school could use clothes and there are clothes available in the UK. However, imports of second-hand clothes are banned in South Africa – no matter what the purpose – in order to protect the indigenous industries. Ian Irvin, as a new trustee, agreed to look into the problem.

The saga went on all year. Ian discovered there was indeed a ban on the import of second-hand clothes.

Trustee visit March 2015

In March 2015, Brian Wakeham, one of our trustees, and his wife visited Amasango and sent us this report.

With very limited time available, our visit was very brief.

Treasurer’s visit to Amasango, November 2014

In November 2014, John Cartmell, hon treasurer of the Friends of Amasango visited the school. His visit was of necessity rather businesslike. He met the local accountant to review financial reporting systems and found robust systems in place.
One challenge which they addressed is the change to online banking made necessary by the withdrawal of cheques in South Africa in February 2015.
As of October 2014, all heads of expenditure were pretty much on budget except past pupil support which is significantly underspent.

Christmas fund raising, November and December 2014

Revd Eileen McGregor of All Saints Church Fulham contemplates her Christmas shopping at a bazaar run by Alex Jefferson in Fulham, the proceeds raised for the Friends was in excess of £1,000. This is one of several events run by Friends (or friends of Friends) around the country this year.

Christmas bazaarChristmas bazaar

New trustees for the Friends of Amasango July 2014

We welcome Reverend Kate Mier and Martin Coombs as new Trustees of the Friends of Amasango. Kate has volunteered at Amasango several times and is the Vicar of St Peter’s, Wellesbourne. Martin spent a year at Amasango as a volunteer and plans to return in 2015. We are grateful to them both for giving up their time and energy to further our work.

Report of volunteering at Amasango 13-23 August 2010

Amasango: a place to belong

During my visit, there was a nationwide teachers’ strike. Jane continued to open the school each day with the aid of the school cook, secretary, another member of staff and volunteers. It was a very special time. There were fewer pupils, because no bus collected those far away, but many came anyway, including one who walked about 4km on crutches. The children were fed, we had assembly, they played games and just enjoyed each other’s company.

School chapel collections and more go to Amasango

Among the best known public schools in England, Radley College and Repton School have generously made part of their annual chapel collections over to Amasango. During her exchange visit to the U.K., Zoleka Kate spoke at St Andrew’s School Totteridge in north London which as a result donated the proceeds of a cake and sweets stall to us and Uxbridge High School in west London, where a Trustee teaches, sent the remarkably large proceeds of a teachers’ conference day charity auction.