Volunteer at the school

The school welcomes volunteers to take part in a variety of tasks at the school. The school can make use of any specialist skills, including skills in sports, drama, art, crafts, music, expertise in teaching English as a foreign language and pottery.

Volunteers must be aged 18 or over.

When can I go?

The most useful time for volunteers to be at the school is during the first six weeks or so of term because the last couple of weeks usually involve exams. So if you can offer four weeks of your time this should be approximately:
  • Last week of January to the first week of March
  • Mid-April to mid-June
  • End July to mid-September
  • Mid-October to beginning of December.

    If you can go for a whole term or longer that would be even better.

    Visit South Africa schools website for dates.

    What will I do when I’m there?

    The day starts at 7.45am with staff briefing followed by assembly twice a week. Lessons last from 8.30 to 1.45 with a 30-minute break. During that time volunteers carry out any task that is required of them including: assisting pupils one-to-one in class, individual reading in the library, playing games, English conversation practice, helping prepare weekly food parcels and assisting with distribution of clothing.

    Previous volunteers have organised after school activities such as karate, sewing, chess and tennis clubs.

    Volunteers are free from 2.00pm each day and at weekends.

    How does it work financially?

    There is no payment for this work. Volunteers are, nevertheless, expected to conduct themselves professionally both in and out of school.

    The Friends of Amsango asks for no fee for facilitating a placement, but requires volunteers to hold one fundraising event for the Friends on their return home and to submit a written report on their time at the school.

    Volunteers pay for their own travel, food and any other expenses while they are in South Africa and for any expenses incurred in terms of insurance, inoculations, visas and so on. Free lodging may be available or can be provided for a modest charge.

    Where will I live?

    Volunteers usually board at the Community of the Resurrection in Grahamstown, or with the former principal. They can make other arrangements such as renting accommodation if preferred. The Friends can offer advice and help with this.

    How do I apply?

    You can find further details on our background information sheet (217kb).

    If you decide you would like to apply, download and fill in the application form (223kb).

    What papers will I need?

    You will need to obtain, at your own expense:
  • DBS clearance and certificate which the Friends in the UK will assist you with
  • Travel and health insurance
  • If going for more than 90 days consult the South African Consulate in London (or your country of origin).