Past pupil support

The support of the Friends enables learners to continue their education at high school when they have completed Grade 7. Without this support such learners would probably revert to the streets, find it much harder to complete their schooling and to secure employment.

The Friends pay for their
• school fees and uniforms
• stationery and other essential school supplies such as atlases, dictionaries and calculators
• basic food and grocery parcels each month

Unlike Amasango, high schools do not provide food or material supplies.

Rent and utility bills are also paid for those high school learners who have little or no family support systems.

The Friends also support young men over the age of 18 so that they may complete their manhood initiation ceremonies. This cultural rite of passage is essential for Xhosa boys if they are to be accepted as adult members of their society. Support for this transitional process fully demonstrates Amasango’s holistic approach to the education and development of our learners and it plays a critical role in the fulfilment of our vision to enable learners to become independent and members of society. (The initiation ceremony is not concerned with independence, but rather with asserting clan allegiance and recognition of responsibility for others.)