About us

The Friends of Amasango is a UK based, Christian charity (Charity no 1116268) that works to advance the education of street children in South Africa and in particular those associated with the Amasango Career School. Friends of Amasango works to fund facilities not provided by the Provincial Government and to recruit Volunteers to the Amasango Career School by way of the holistic support to the children that enables them to learn.

The money funds food, toiletries, basic clothing and in some cases shelter for the children who, being destitute, could not otherwise benefit from the education being offered. Friends of Amasango also provides past pupil support to Amasango pupils who graduate into mainstream High Schools. The Volunteers visit Grahamstown for varying periods of time. They act as classroom assistants and befriend the children or contribute other skills that they may have.

Friends, members and trustees

The Friends of Amasango (FoA) is run by Trustees who are elected annually at the AGM from among the Members. There is no formal subscription. Members are people who have shown their commitment to the FoA in financial or other ways and who have been approved for membership by Trustees.

Trustees work closely with the school principal, Mrs Linda Ngamlana, to ensure that their efforts remain aligned to the children’s needs. The charity adheres to UK Charity Commission guidelines and reporting requirements.

Vision for the future

Looking forward, Friends of Amasango is working towards extending the work currently being done at the Amasango Career School and replicating this model to other areas of South Africa where street children are in desperate need of support. In Grahamstown itself the school urgently needs new premises and the Friends of Amasango is supporting the school as it works towards getting a proper school building from the Eastern Cape Department of Education.