Our finances

Where does our income come from?

Our income comes exclusively from donations and fundraising by our members. We receive no on-going grants or investment income.

What do we spend our money on?

We are proud that our administrative costs are less than 3% of our income. Trustees draw no remuneration or expenses. Our main costs are bank charges for overseas remittances, insurance, PayPal and JustGiving charges and entry fees for sponsored runs.
All remittances are sent in pounds sterling as the exchange rate in South Africa is usually slightly better than in the UK.
The bulk of spending is on food and clothes for the children, honoraria for locals who drive school transport, give their services as classroom assistants or in other ways to support the school, and food parcels and grants for past pupils who are continuing to study at high school.
Where the money goesWhere the money goes

What is overseas fundraising?

The Principal makes an annual fundraising trip to the UK visiting schools, churches and other organisations that support the Friends of Amasango. Accommodation is usually provided by Friends in the UK
The cost (about £1,200) is always exceeded by the extra funds raised, in 2017this amounted to £4436.00. This visit is immensely valuable in raising awareness about the work of both charity and school as well as in attracting volunteers from the UK.

How do we know that the money is spent well in South Africa?

The Principal is in charge of expenditure and is well known to the Friends as reliable and businesslike. Monthly returns are made against the above budget heads and any significant discrepancies explained to the UK trustees.

What will your donation buy?

A £10 donation with £2.50 gift aid reclaimed will feed a child for four weeks
A £24 donation with £6.00 gift aid reclaimed will clothe a child and provide school uniform for six months.

How can I find out more?

For more details of our finances and activities download our annual report and accounts for the years ended 30th June.

Trustees Annual Report 2015 (65.4kb)
Accounts 2015 (62.3kb)
Trustees Annual Report 2016 (60.8kb)
Accounts 2016 (74kb)
Trustees Annual Report 2017 (114kb)
Accounts 2017 (759kb)