Excerpt from Chairman's AGM report 2016

Fundraising in schools

We raised over £6,000 from this schools last year we have to report less success this year. We have frankly not progressed as fast as I would have liked with developing contacts and relationships around the country. We have moved Linda Ngamlana’s fundraising trip to the UK forward to ensure that her visit did not clash so badly with the schools’ end of year. We must work harder next year to ensure that we are tapping into these fund raising areas and at the same time generate more volunteers.


The accounts and trustees reports are available separately
Our finances are healthy at the moment and with the help of a generous legacy, we have been able to equip the School this year with sewing machines, new computers, additional pottery equipment and much else.
I mentioned in last year’s report the decline of corporate, church and sponsored running contributions and as this continues the identifying of alternative sources for funds for Amasango remains a major priority.

Church activities

We have continued to try to generate more activity with more churches and again each trustee accepted the responsibility to try to build more relationships with more churches in their area. To date it has to be said that we can’t report a considerable success but the ground work done by trustees will, I am sure begin to show positive results as we keep the pressure and momentum up.
One specific area that has shown real results in is in working with Coventry Cathedral and their Cross of Nails initiative to try and get Amasango School approved/selected as a member of the Cross of Nails Community (an International Cross of Nails Schools (ICONS). The Cross of Nails Community was established by Coventry Cathedral and is today an international network of nearly 200 partners in 35 countries, each committed to a shared ministry of reconciliation. A representative has visited the School during the year and a decision should be made later in 2016.

Rotary clubs

We have received some contributions from a few rotary clubs, one of which was of real help with specific equipment projects. However, as with the churches and schools initiatives we really aren’t getting the penetration of rotary and similar clubs around the country. This is clearly needs greater effort in the coming year.


This is now in good order and ready for more major fundraising activity in the future – we still have some failing emails on the list are working on resolving this remaining problem


We know that volunteering is attractive to young school-leavers and to older people looking for doing something worthwhile. It obviously helps the School and will be increasingly relevant when it moves to new premises and starts more and more vocational courses and so this remains a major area of potential growth. We are keen to also help volunteers to use their commitment and motivation, on returning home, to help raise additional funds for the School.
To this end we will be looking at refreshing the literature that volunteers receive and the commitments they make before going out to the School.


The newsletter appears regularly and has real value in informing all the Members and Friends of Amasango about progress at the School and will be of increasing value as we move into more major fundraising activities. The website is also kept up to date.
The Trustees have spent time, considering and finalising the report produced by Sue Hennessy, who has volunteered at Amasango and was also the lead Fundraiser for the Royal National Life Boat Institute (RNLI) for many years. Sue produced a document entitled “Building the Future” which runs to 16 pages of detail about the next stage of our fundraising activity. Considerable extra funds will be needed to support an enlarged school on new premises.
Having finalised the action plan we have also obtained agreement from the CEO of a major PLC to chair the Fundraising Committee and are working on other senior and celebrity members of the Committee so we are ready when the time comes.