Friends in South Africa

The Friends of Amasango in South Africa is a sister organisation that has recently been set up. The aims of these Friends are two-fold: to support the work of Amasango Career School by raising awareness and money in South Africa, and to act as a conduit for money from the Friends of Amasango in the UK. FoA (UK) knows the importance of accountability when it comes to both charity law and the need for donors in the UK to have confidence that money sent from the UK is spent in the way that it is intended. The current system is well monitored and works well, but the ability to channel funds through a South African partner will simplify life considerably.

The trustees are Peter Magalela, Virginia Parkes, Cecil Nonqane, Penny Whitford and Raymond Ndabeni, with the current and past heads, Linda Ngamlana and Jane Bradshaw, co-opted for the time being.

FoA (SA) is in its infancy and still sorting out basics such as officers and a bank account, but its inception is very welcome and the two FoAs look forward to working together.