Volunteers from Wellesborne

Five intrepid members of St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne spent two weeks volunteering at Amasango School. Everyone was able to contribute to the life of the school even in the short time theyu were there. Linda Ngamlana and the school Volunteer Committee gave guidance and support so everyone, though naturally apprehensive at first, became comfortable and worked to their strengths. As well as simply being in lessons and supporting the learners, they read stories, played games, taught songs, developed the sewing and needlework provision, taught English, ran a drama workshop, taught computer use, held impromptu crochet classes for learners and educators, and re-ordered the English Literature section of the library.
They used donations from England to buy pencils (less than 10p each), underpants and socks (£1 each) for the whole school. They were pleased to be able to respond to the specific needs of the school at the time of their visit.
The group stayed with the Sisters of the Community of the Resurrection who provided board and lodging (as well as welcome and care for body and soul).
Revd Kate Mier takes up the story:
‘I think the school will remember us for a long time on account of two hilarious assemblies we led. Two of us are involved in ‘Open the Book’ assemblies in our Primary School in Wellesbourne. This involves adults dressing up and acting out Bible stories. So with their encouragement we rustled up some costumes and acted out the story of Jonah one week and the parable of The Prodigal Son the next.

Thank you Linda, thank you to all the teachers and other staff, thank you to all the learners: you all made us incredibly welcome – thank you all so much, and may God bless, protect and provide for you all.’