News from the Friends of Amasango

Tea and Pamper

The third Ladies’ Tea and Pamper event in aid of Amasango School was held on Saturday 18 March 2017 at St Peter’s Church rooms and was an astounding success.
This year we had a new menu of treatments as well as a fashion show. The whole event was a sell-out hitting just under our target which was £1500. All the money raised went directly to the children at the school. Thank you to everyone who attended as well as all the donations which came from ladies who couldn’t make the day.

Trustee and volunteer visit

In October 2016 Friends of Amasango trustee Kate Meir and first-time volunteer Hannah Peters spent a week at Amasango.

Kate’s impressions

As ever I was made extremely welcome by Linda Ngamlana and all the staff, and the singing and worship in staff briefing each morning was inspirational. I was joined by a young first-time volunteer, Hannah Peters, who spent two weeks supporting learners in maths and English.

Pampering afternoon

Anita Swetman, a lava shell therapist and Wendy Biddington, from St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne organised a delightful charity deluxe tea and pamper afternoon for the local ladies. The event was a huge success and ladies enjoyed a whole afternoon of pampering, wearing luxurious robes and indulging in various treatments. And in between they enjoyed posh afternoon tea with fancy cakes as well as prosecco. The support was amazing with donations from folk who were unable to attend and someone who asked for money rather than presents for his 70th birthday. The final total was £1,045.

Excerpt from Chairman's AGM report 2016

Fundraising in schools

We raised over £6,000 from this schools last year we have to report less success this year. We have frankly not progressed as fast as I would have liked with developing contacts and relationships around the country. We have moved Linda Ngamlana’s fundraising trip to the UK forward to ensure that her visit did not clash so badly with the schools’ end of year.

Charity walker raising funds for Amasango

Peter Koukoulis decided to walk the G20 in Corsica. This is one of Europe’s finest mountain treks. Its spectacular scenery, breathtaking colours and free roaming wildlife are only accessible to the ones that are prepared to do some serious walking and look for a challenge. In French, GR stands for “grande randonnée” and this one has the reputation of being the toughest.

Friends in South Africa

The Friends of Amasango in South Africa is a sister organisation that has recently been set up. The aims of these Friends are two-fold: to support the work of Amasango Career School by raising awareness and money in South Africa, and to act as a conduit for money from the Friends of Amasango in the UK. FoA (UK) knows the importance of accountability when it comes to both charity law and the need for donors in the UK to have confidence that money sent from the UK is spent in the way that it is intended.

Volunteers from Wellesborne

Five intrepid members of St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne spent two weeks volunteering at Amasango School. Everyone was able to contribute to the life of the school even in the short time theyu were there. Linda Ngamlana and the school Volunteer Committee gave guidance and support so everyone, though naturally apprehensive at first, became comfortable and worked to their strengths.